Transportation services are designed to transfer persons 60 years of age and over to and from social services, medical and health care services, meals programs, places of employment, senior centers, shopping, civic functions, adult day care facilities, and recreation locations.

Service is to be available to those who have no other means of transportation or who are unable to use existing transportation. Preference is given to older minorities and those with limited economic resources. Personal assistance for those with limited physical mobility is provided.

The Area Agency on Aging contracts with several providers in the area to provide transportation services.  All transportation services contracted by the Area Agency on Aging are free to the seniors.  With the exception of TRPTA's fixed route system, all services are demand response.  To arrange a pick up, please call the transportation provider directly.  Our contracted transportation providers are:

  • Lost River Senior Center - Arco - (208) 527-8296
  • Mackay Senior Center - (208) 588-2105
  • Salmon Nutrition Site - (208) 756-3556
  • South Fremont Senior Center - St. Anthony - (208) 624-3458
  • Targhee Regional Public Transportation Authority (TRPTA) - Urban Bonneville County - (208) 529-1489