Morgan Nield - Director, Area Agency on Aging

Casie Adams - Contracts Manager/I&A Supervisor

Tera Fellows, LSW - Long Term Care Ombudsman

Shea Weaver - Adult Protection Supervisor

Brian Payton - Adult Protection Ivestigator

Ruby Messerli - Supportive Services Technician

Heather Croft - Outreach Specialist

Jodi Stanton - Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Manager

EICAP Administrative Support Staff

We cannot do this alone.  The following people on EICAP's staff are integral to helping us accomplish our mission:

  • Jay Doman, CPA, CCAP - Chief Executive Officer
  • Kathy Owens, CCAP - Chief Financial Office/Business Director
  • Susan Espinoza - Controller
  • Karen Braase - Payroll/Accounts Receivable
  • Pete Hawkes - Procurement Specialist
  • Kim Schroeder - Accounts Payable
  • Melissa Butler - Human Resources Manager
  • Blake Jones - Information Technology Manager